Ultrasound Orthodontics

The Faster & Safer way to a Straighter Smile!

About Us

An accidental discovery changes orthodontic treatment -win/win!

 Our mission is to share the exciting news about the benefits of a recent innovation in High Speed Braces (TM) - the development of Ultrasound Orthodontics.  Every potential patient deserves to know more about the benefits of ultrasound. Most patients want quicker comprehensive treatment, but what if there is an affordable way to reduce some of the risks AND have a straighter teeth in a shorter time without compromise? 

Braces & Aligner Treatment Risks?

If you do not blessed with naturally straight teeth there are many ways to achieve this goal. Usually the highest recommended choices with the lowest risks include braces or plastic aligners from a trained professional. Some risks of treatment include root shortening damage, decay and gum disease- all of which may be reduced with a shorter treatment time. 

The Latest Development: Ultrasound Treatment

 'Orthodontic Ultrasound' is a new non-surgical option that has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of root damage (resorption) and speed the movement of teeth during orthodontic treatment. A shorter time in treatment reduces risks of tooth decay and gum disease. What's the secret? A take-home device programmed by your orthodontic professional is used daily for 20 minutes. Ask your trusted dental adviser about SmileSonica. 

 (Visit the website to see if it is available in your area)

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